**Before purchasing photo ops, please note the following:

-Ticket price includes one 8×10 color glossy photograph that will be printed at the event for you to pick up. Add-on’s for an additional fee include: Jpeg (high resolution digital copy of your photo), Reprint (2nd printed copy of your photo), and Combo (a jpeg and a reprint). All add-on’s are in addition to the 8×10 print.

-All tickets purchased during pre-sale must be brought back to the photo op site at the event and turned in for an actual ticket. Please allow time to do this prior to your photo shoot.

-There is no guarantee that photos will be processed in time to be autographed the day they are taken. Refunds will not be given because you do not have time to get your photo autographed.

-Photos taken during the last 2 business hours of event may not be printed before the venue closes. These photos will be available the next morning of the event.

-There are no refunds for photo ops if you miss/or are late to the shoot. Please be early or on time for sessions. Schedules will not always be available on this site but can usually be located on the event’s website or at the event itself.

-Only 2 adults per photo op. A 3rd adult is an additional $10.00, and a 4th is an additional $10.00. Any more than 4 adults in a photo and parties will have to speak to Froggy on prices. You can pay for the added people at our sales desk. This applies to MOST photo-ops but some may have restrictions on adding any additional people. Small children and infants can be included in with 2 adults at no additional charge.


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