Regarding Rhode Island Comic Con

To all of our customers who attended Rhode Island Comic Con, we apologize.

We know that congestion and confusion turned what should have been a fun experience, into an unpleasant one.
There were many factors that led to that, such as actors not arriving on time to their photo ops.

If you need refunds for anything purchased through Rhode Island Comic Con, or have any suggestions for how they can improve the show next year, please contact them. For missing pictures or Jpegs, contact us at

We want the fans to understand we did everything within our power to get the job done. We know that people were rushed through photo ops and that some of the staff may have been less than cordial with customers.
We were all under a high amount of stress.   Our staff barely slept or ate during the course of the weekend. We walked into this situation as unaware as the fans were.
Our staff was pushed passed their limits to help as many people as we could. Many of our staff are volunteers as well.
Now that the show is over we are reorganizing and processing all of the digital images and refunds that are due to customers. If you ordered a Jpeg please be patient, they will start going out this week.   Please give our staff 2 weeks to get them out before contacting us concerning  missing jpegs.
If you did not get your pre-ordered photo op for any reason, please send your PayPal transaction information to, and we will get the refund processed ASAP.
Check our webpage and your email for updates. Please check your spam folders.
Once again, we want to apologize to our customers, and we are working diligently to make things right with you.